blended spices

Our Business Obectives

Getting Closer to Serve You Better

With the objective to reach out to serve more customer with better services, Amaziyo focus on engaging all segments of its customers more interactively with its service campaign of "Getting Closer to Serve You Better".
Acting on this initiative, Amaziyo sets up Adventure Flavours and Spice Runner as its wholly owned marketing arm to focus on retail marketing with a supportive role to provide better services dedicated to retail customers such as hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains and related businesses. We believe in getting closer to our customers to understand their needs better in order to proactively address those challenges imposed by changing market trends.


Enhancing quality of life & contribution to healthier food & future

One of the challenges are to acknowledge the growing potential for Indian Spices. But rejection of export materials, insufficient quantities of quality spices, insufficient mechanization of spice production and processing, poor post-reap handling, troubles about traceability and security rules, contaminants, pesticide, toxins and excess use of agrochemicals are some basic issues.

With this objective in mind, Amaziyo has started from the basics. We focus on GAP, GMP, Food Safety and Quality while sourcing of raw material. Amaziyo offers best quality of product with a dedication to maintain the same standards of purity, freshness and authenticity in every supply, getting their aroma and flavor, consistently right. We deliver fresh spices, efficiently to distributor-retailer-consumer distribution model to make these spices readily available in the shortest possible time across the country.

We are planning to expand our products and services to a greater scale to grow along with the rising market demand for healthier food products in the near future.

Serving Our Customers Even Better

Amaziyo focus on two distinct market segments of customers with the objective to fulfil their needs with fresher quality products, better services and shorter delivery time as follows:

For Corporate Customers & Business-to-business (B2B) segment of customers comprising of hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains and similar food businesses etc., we have a dedicated retail marketing arm to service them directly with quicker response, better services and even to customize flavor solution according to their needs.

Amaziyo is working with this category of customers for co-branding activities, technical support, and developing flavor solutions etc. We want to fulfil your requirement with the freshest quality stock available with the timeliest delivery and ensuring you with ample supply.

For Business-to-Customers (B2C) category, we want to reach out to the individual customers – the avid home chef, the college student, members of a cooking club, the weekend bachelor, the festive season cook and any individual who has a need to cook or has a passion for cooking.

To get closer to these individuals, Amaziyo sets up this web portal where they will find valuable information on various types of spices, spice blends, flavor solutions and their applications for specific recipes. Amaziyo provides customers with hassle-free shopping and placing purchase orders from the comfort of their homes and office through our on-line store.  Upon receiving your order and payment, our nearest licensed distributor will deliver your order right up to your doorstep within a reasonable time. You can make a minimum trial order with a quantity as little as 25g for each item as an entry level to start growing your confidence in us.